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Transport Resources

London Underground Tube Station Maps

Cornwall and Devon railway map (Southwest England) (18k)

Docklands Light Railway map (London) (53k)

DLR City Airport extension track map (London) (11k) : see TPftLA for proposal updates

CrossRail map (London) (21k) : see TPftLA for planning updates

Thameslink 2000 map (London & the Southeast) (47k) : see TPftLA for planning updates

Chelsea / Hackney Line options map (London) (35k) : see TPftLA for planning updates

Anglia Railways' London CrossLink map (8k): see TPftLA for planning updates

Transport Enthusiasts' London - list of bookshops, fairs and society meetings

Transport Plans for the London Area : progress reports on 200 schemes. Planned Underground Lines, reopening railways, tramways under construction, new interchanges, step-free stations, proposed express buses, river services, airport expansion, trunk road construction, pedestrianisation

London Underground Service Frequencies : which line has a train every 2½ minutes every day? Are all the Metropolitan trains the same length? Which line has only 2 trains in service on Saturday? At which termini do drivers "step back"?

Metropolitan Line services, tracks and train indicators : the Underground's most confusing line

Sharing the Circle : how many District trains join the Circle Line at Tower Hill, and how many leave at Gloucester Road?

Outer London's most used stations : an ordered list. Not interesting - for information purposes only

WAGN Wheels : facilities and wheelchair access at West Anglia Great Northern stations in London and outside London

David Connor's Tribute to the Victoria Line

A Car-free London? : my submission to the Architecture Foundation competition

Atlases in London Libraries : where can you view a Berlin transport atlas and the Routledge Atlas of the World's Languages?

Huge Maps : Manchester, Helsinki, Vancouver, Bosnia etc.

Paris Metro frequencies

Guestbook : go on, make me smile!


The Lovely Carol

ROBOVORD - your own number-crunching Northerner.
Watch The Vord On The Circuit Board beat the wetware version.
This Java applet will work even when you are not connected to the Internet,
for instance at 4:40pm and at 4:50pm. It works in Netscape,
but for maximum speed use MSIE with the latest free Java Virtual Machine

Map Links

Copenhagen: Pulse Of The City: click on Byens Puls for a dynamic tube-style map. For Netscape or the latest MSIE.
Copenhagen observes Central European Time: trains run between 5am (6am on Sunday) and 1am. Here's a track map

Morphing tube map, geographic to geometric and back... requires Macromedia Flash

San Francisco Muni Metro: a dynamic map: Piers Connor of the Railway Technical Web Pages describes thus - "It is a diagram of the tunnel section of the light rail system under Market Street between Embarcadero and the station beyond Van Ness. The initials refer to the platforms: "VNR" is Van Ness Right platform. The letters above the white blocks are the route letters of the LRVs. Some split so there are two different letters for one train."

Tokyo Metro station in VRML 3D - click "Study", then click and drag the object

Geographic Tube Map on the London Transport site

London Connections map of tubes, trains and trams: new version by JonE and old version by Jim Mangles

Greenwood's Map of London - from the year 1827 (the map, not the website)

British railway map: shows every passenger and freight line but unfortunately doesn't show stations!

UrbanRail.Net: Robert Schwandl's astonishingly comprehensive resource covering every metro in the world

American and other cities: Robert Reynolds' collection

Russian and other cities: Dmitry Zinoviev's collection

The world's first geometric railway map: Harry Beck's Tube Map from 1931, 1937 and 1951

Step-free Underground: How much of the Tube is accessible to wheelchair-users?

Quail Maps - detailed track diagrams of the Underground, British and foreign railways

Originally on the JLE site, these maps are now on the London Transport site

Other Links

Clive's Underground Line Guides : the famous CULG. The definitive fan site for Tube history (text only)

Richard Griffin's pictures of Underground stock : the best pictures of Underground trains on the web

A DLR fan site that looks so good that the BBC News thought it was the official DLR site!

"Mind The Gap" recording

Press archives of London Transport and Department of Transport (British government)

London Underground Railway Society - hold a monthly meeting and produce a monthly booklet

Electric Railway Society - hold a monthly meeting and produce a bi-monthly booklet

Links to 81 British Isles webcams

The world's most busy airports (in passengers per year)

Map and links to London's borough councils

InfoLondon : Astonishingly complete and up-to-date transport news for London

Personalised railway timetables for South London and Sussex

Personalised railway timetables for Southeast Queensland : Ask for times from Tennyson to Robina to see a complicated example

Internet Movie Database : the IMDB has even the most obscure bit-parts in the most obscure films

BBC2 idents fan page : It's got the one with the swan, and the barking "2" that does somersaults

The Pagliameter - Camille Paglia or not?

Today's Calendar and Clock Page

Free flying flags courtesy of The Page

RailServe: The Internet Railroad Directory : 2,000 links, search engine, forums, chat rooms, and more

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