See How They Run : Relative Timezones Change List

Apart from seasonal changes, countries may permanently change their time zone.
Also, countries which change their clocks every spring and autumn may alter the changeover dates.
Therefore a timezone list which you print now may be incorrect within a few months.

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  • Use of ISO character sets improved, and many Finnish placenames corrected
  • Northwest Territories has split into Northwest Territories and Nunavut, but I don't think the timezones have changed
  • Cuba has switched back to changing its clocks on the same days as Europe
  • Georgia (Asia) has stopped changing its clocks: it is now GMT+4 all year round
  • Chile, Easter Island, Syria, Iraq and Israel summertime dates have been corrected
  • All dates updated for 1999
  • Georgia (Asia) back one hour in northern winter
  • Fiji now puts clocks one hour forward in southern summer
  • Summer start and end weeks have changed in Brazil, Chile, Easter Island, Cuba, Egypt, Israel (again) and Syria
  • Lebanon is now in Eastern European Time
  • Marquesas were incorrectly shown as being on the same time as Tahiti: this has been corrected
  • Georgia (Asia) back one hour to GMT+4
  • Haiti no longer changes clocks in northern summer
  • Quintana Roo in Mexico has reverted to the same time as Mexico City
  • Falkland military camp had been shown as putting clocks forward when the islanders do: this has been corrected
  • Davis, Casey and Mawson Antarctic camps had been wrong by one hour in the southern winter: this has been corrected
  • Armenia forward by one hour in winter and summer
  • Lithuania back by one hour in winter and summer - it is now on Central European Time
  • Brazil summertime now starts one day earlier
  • Cuba now changes clocks on the same days as Europe
  • Summertime dates corrected for Israel
  • South Georgia was shown as putting clocks forward in southern summer - this has been corrected
  • Jan Mayen was shown as being on the same time as Norway - this has been corrected
  • English and (Bad) Finnish versions updated for 1998
  • Quintana Roo in Mexico is now an hour ahead of Mexico City instead of on the same time
  • Zaire is now called the Congo Democratic Republic, but the clocks have not changed
  • (Bad) Finnish version created
  • Crimea has dropped Moscow Time and is now in line with the rest of the Ukraine
  • New Caledonia now remains on GMT+11 in summer and winter
  • Summer start and end dates have changed in Paraguay (again), Israel, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia
  • Part of Kiribati has put its clocks forward by 24 hours
  • Summer start and end dates have changed in Iran, Cuba, Paraguay and New Caledonia
  • English version created

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