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Mutterings around a small Flame

computing 20:12:07

Blue Coconut has been joined in this site's applications section by a little utility called Flame.

As you'll see if you visit the page, it's a little application that, like Rendezvous Browser and iRoster, allows you to see which services are being 'advertised' (made available) on your local network. However, as Tom makes clear, we look at it by machine, rather than by service. This makes sense to us, but we could be wrong. Anyway, it's free. Try it.

The fact that we're releasing this just before Etcon isn't an accident. The original idea for the application came from a comment by Matt Haughey on, when discussing the paucity of iPhoto (as opposed to iTunes) shares. Looking back, we're a long way from the UI simplicity that Matt envisaged, but I think we still have a useful tool. Anyway, there's a reason the version number is a lowly 0.10.