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(void) summary hurty claw 2001-10-05 Pizza, peeking and pulses

(void) summary hurty knee 2001-09-28 Sex, death, busyness, speeches, fragments

(void) summary hurty shoe 2001-09-21 Music (old, grey and bad), more politics

(void) summary hurty buns 2001-09-14 That cultural event and foreshadowing

(void) summary wordy 2001-09-07 Feeling cultured, Macintosh passions, hi-tech stats

(void) summary in the summertime 2001-08-31 Books, hypnosis, falling Romans and uptime

(void) summary nathan-hate 2001-08-24 Dick size wars, window managers and oddball scientists

(void) summary smutty heaven 2001-08-17 Commercials, wild cheese, bouncy and layering

(void) summary bent? he fix 2001-08-10 Gay test, Nethack, babies and exposure

(void) summary when arrive 2001-08-03 Rough notes, controversy and lateness

(void) summary plentyful 2001-07-27 Tomorrow's World, porn and prostitution

(void) summary plenty free 2001-07-20 Number stations, more guns and scaffolding

(void) summary hentai teeth 2001-07-13 Everybody cracks, stats attack and we rap

(void) summary bendy fun 2001-07-06 Currency, driving, bedbugs and scopeware

(void) summary plenty 2001-06-29 Script tamers, schools, crap after and zero

(void) summary sign stream 2001-06-22 it come with it every day at Oven

(void) summary time cube 2001-06-15 Daynal vs the world, candidates and explosions

(void) summary severed dreams 2001-06-08 Daily format, subs and unsubs, fireworks and drinking

(void) summary thick teens 2001-06-01 Platoon, imaging, guerrillas and funny money

(void) summary pit fiend 2001-05-25 too short! nuclear war, lileks and YALT

(void) summary tureen 2001-05-18 t-shirts, chippies and PG-13 films

(void) summary hurting 2001-05-11 Summaries, veal and hinternets too

(void) summary delve 2001-05-04 Facts, links and guest lists

(void) summary unleavened 2001-04-27 Razors, magick, Rand and drugs

(void) summary den 2001-04-20 Eighties music, speedy cars and food

(void) summary lime 2001-04-13 Instructions, beeps and monkeys

(void) summary eats 2001-04-06 File sharing, burnout and beauty

(void) summary serpents 2001-03-26 Earthlights, tees and OS X

(void) summary sicks 2001-03-19 Memes, lizards, walks and rips

(void) summary fife 2001-03-12 Rudeness, art and creation

for summary in (void) 2001-03-05 Coupons, novels and digests

(void) summary three of some 2001-02-26 Spices, jobs and ads

(void) summary returns 2001-02-19 Ridley, youth and photos

(void) weekly summary, february 2001-02-12 Games, plates and gadgets

>>> that feeling <<<

Simon Wistow wanted to talk about that feeling you get when you know
something you've made is just right. You know, the one that's hard to put
into words, which makes writing about it difficult. Steve Mynott suggested
that "understanding what is going to work and what doesn't particularly
comes with experience."

>>> the t word <<<

Arp suggested (void) should start up a tshirt company: "It would be a
comment on branding."

Alex Robinson came up with a new angle, and meta-slogans:

Chris Heathcote and Richard St Richard provided instruction on home-printing

>>> spoiling young Minds <<<

Simon Batistoni was brought up short by unexpected violence in an Iain M
Banks book, and questioned whether art was, in general, too lulling; not
dark enough; too escapist.

Arp talked about the moral nothingness in Bret Easton Ellis' 'American
Psycho' and, er, L'Oreal adverts. Because he's worth it. Simon Batistoni
couldn't decide whether moral nothingness was more shocking than outright

People talked a lot about Iain M Banks' Culture movels. Simon Batistoni came
up with a potentially interesting plot for a Culture novel - the story of a
renegade member who hacks on Minds.

There was lots of discussion and even more spoiler space, which Arp

Phil Gregory asked if anyone had recommendations for starting points for
Iain (M) Banks books. Todd Larason and Ian Malpass offered theirs.

>>> tube geekery <<<

Steve Mynott posted a link to a site on abandoned tube stations,
acknowledging Giles Turnbull's list as the source. Giles pointed towards the
Daily Chump weblog for more links.

Arp posted some similar pages from (void) past.

Someone mentioned the book "London under London" by Richard Trench. It's
enjoyable, but the perfectionists among us may find it inaccurate.

>>> PDA email apps <<<

Matt Jones asked about email apps for his PDA, providing a nice summary of
what's out there. David Cantrell likes multimail; Giles Turnbull recommended
top gun postman for sending and receiving.

>>> blogs and journals <<<

Robert Jones told us he'd started a blog, and Paul Mison talked about blogs
and journals and one of Richard Clamp's Very Useful Hacks (TM).

>>> stones and peaks <<<

Collin Forbes sent us pictures of piled rocks, which led to Mike Jarvis
mentioning a place called Pike's Peak. Arp asked, "Who is Pike, and why did
he get a peak named after him? Isn't that a bit rude? I can imagine his
friends asking him how his 'peak' is doing today, and whether it's 'firm'.
Or not."

>>> hi-tech things <<<

Arp sent us a link to a piece he's written about high tech homes.

Matt Jones normally pays good money for an expression like the one on this
woman's face: http://www.ashleypomeroy.com/hitech4.html.

Matt is a strange lad. He has a couple of old Laserdiscs pinned up on his
wall. Sometimes he takes them down and pretends that they  are CDs and he is
in the Land of the Giants.

People talked about dishwashers and freezers. And phones. A lot. UK and US
stats were traded:

Arp reflected on the value of MPEG blockiness:
"It was quite refreshing to be able to just sit and watch a still image.
Television isn't big on still images. It's just bang-bang-bang one image
after another, without time to look at things properly."

>>> summary <<<

Harl got back from travelling. He asked for a summary of the last three
month's traffic in less than 80 characters. Simon Wistow responded:


>>> *macintosh* <<<

Harl asked how to switch between applications and windows on a Mac, and how
to terminate its errant processes. Paul Mison and Alex Robinson responded.

People made gags about mouse buttons and ade fucked with our machines:

Harl then asked for our favourite Mac tip. Paul Mison provided the most
comprehensive response. I hereby award him with the promised night of
passion fruit with Arp.

People talked about using shortcuts in terminal windows. Should the
conventions be determined by the interface of the desktop environment, or
the terminal environment to which you're connecting? I don't think we came
to a conclusion. 

Ade told us how to activate URLs in NiftyTelnet ssh. Later, in private
correspondence, he revealed that the discovery of this feature had made him
fall unconscious.

>>> gurlpages <<<

Arp made procmail burp. Simon Batistoni teasingly suggested he use
Mail::Audit (see  http://www.perl.com/pub/a/2001/07/17/mailfiltering.html).

>>> sack me. please. <<<

Stuart Wyatt wants to be sacked. Chris Ball encouraged him to "hand in a
piece of paper with ':q!' scrawled on in blue felt-tip and walk." Evil Dave
reminded him to look after Number One. Matt Jones was Matt Jones.

>>> memetastic <<<

Simon Wistow posted the Ballmer music video:
(also at http://www.cantrell.org.uk/david/ballmer_funk2.mpg)

Matt Jones read about one man's campaign to "save Britain's takeaways" in
the Metro. Chris Heathcote told us the story was just "ironic" marketing.

Alex Robinson suggested that we reconsider The Metro's "60 second interview"
as a modern classic, and gave us rubbish science to go with our rubbish

Al Snell and Lee Maguire worked as a team (woohoo) to give us QA
Confidential. http://www.leisuretown.com/library/qac/.

Bob made Paul Mison laugh out loud.

>>> uvver stuph <<<

(void) b0rked for a while on Thursday, which confused everyone. It was
f1xx0r3d by the evening, though - The Great (Void) Outage of Christmas 1999
is yet to be surpassed.

Arp re-took some of his photos with his Game Boy Camera, "as an illustration
of how different things would look if you were a robot". He watched Buffy or
the first time and wondered why the vampires don't just shoot her. And he
spent more time at Everything2.

Phil Gregory wondered if ability to do surreal irony and vitamin
deficiencies are inversely related, and briefly thought that Arp was editing
his paragraphs with Photoshop.

John Melesky liked the film 'The Thirteenth Warrior', but not because of the
cow urine. The admission may have brought him bad karma - later in the week
he was robbed at gunpoint.

People talked about what's mushroom, and what's non-mushroom.
Flapjacks makes Arp strong!
Duncan's flatmate has disappeared.
Al Snell is changing jobs.
Keep Lee Maguire away from RMS.
I'm Ed Winchester.