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(void) weekly summary, february 2001-02-12 Games, plates and gadgets

a (void) week, as it happens, from our man in the field: 
Friday 2001-08-03 

People continued to discuss guided missiles, leaving the country,
meritocracies, dictatorships and American military procedure, all in the
"Judged on Merit" monster-thread. 

John Melesky pondered that finding a new political system which would be
pleasing to the average (void)er would require changes to human nature.
Arp pointed out that if we had a different nature, and weren't clever
bastards, we would have all been killed off by rhinos: 


A coupla hours before that, after writing several booksworth of stuff on
freedom and... er... stuff, Al posted a brilliant "president furtively
planning war without congress's knowledge" skit: 


And then a bit later, he out-skitted himself with playground


Seemingly everyone (esp, Daynal, Ian Malpass, Arp and Al) had an expert
opinion on camera equipment and stuff, carrying on a thread from last
week and making me feel quite, quite inadequate. Ian Malpass came up
with a javascript exposure calculator: 


Chris Heathcote took the task to be an "HTML weiner contest", and dusted
off his HTML skillz, despite drunkenness: 


Then, after this side of the Atlantic were all safely tucked up in bed,
the McDonnells discovered that a small humanoid would be imminently
entering their lives. William T Wilson and Chris Devers congratulated,
apparently being the only ones awake to do so :) 

Other stuff occurred: 

* Arp sold off bits of hardware 

* Magnus Bodin pointed out that the original Online Coffee Pot was up
for sale on Ebay. 

* Matt Jones posted the covers to spoof magazines which looked like
zeppotron might have done them: 


* Arp discovered Cinefex magazine, "on the boundary between consumer
magazine and trade magazine". 

* Sci-fi author Poul Anderson died. Arp noticed how sci-fi writers die

* Arp, Steve Mynott and Padraig Finnerty picked holes in
www.politicalcompass.org and its badly-worded questions 

* Arp came up with several T-shirt slogans. I correspondingly felt
guilty about the fact that we still haven't got DNLIINR printed :( 
Saturday 2001-08-04 

Simon Wistow was awake and posting, upping the stakes in the weiner
contest by threatening to render the exposure calculator in WMLScript.
He also spewed forth a pile of wml-related links and guided us towards a
story about new Aphex Twin material. 

Todd weighed in with more political ponderings on the nature of war, and
Al and Chris Heathcote congratulated the McDonnells. 
Sunday 2001-08-05 

Patrick Eoin Alexander McDonnell was formally announced to the (void),
having been born on Saturday morning by Caesarean section. Which was
nice (the announcement, not the caesarean - hope mother and baby are
feeling well one week on - congratulations etc etc :-) ). 


Daynal noticed that Hotmail had been randomly trashing her incoming
mail, great service that it is... and Mike Jarvis worried about
(void)ers and their friends and family cowering before the hurricane
heading for Mobile, Alabama. Nothing else happened. 
Monday 2001-08-06 

Camera discussions rolled on, covering film speeds today. Slower films
equal finer grain, apparently. More congrats for the McDonnells arrived,
including an astrolgical chart courtesy of Daynal: 


I noticed how Eugene Belford in "Hackers" is inherrently evil simply
because he's the spitting image of Noel Edmonds. Wistow shattered a
thousand geek childhood movie memories by revealing that the actor,
Fisher Stevens, also played Ben the Indian guy in Short Circuit. 


Wistow also linked to a Chris Morris Observer article, which was a kind
of semi-interview piece on how he felt. I was too dense to notice (as
Alex pointed out) that it was probably written by Morris himself :/ Ian
Malpass revelled in the use of the word "refulgent" and the phrase
"emotional onanism". 

Tuesday 2001-08-07

We universally agreed that the whole business of domain name
registration sucks. Big time. Chris Heathcote, Magnus Bodin and Al
blamed ICANN. Lee MacGuire was a little more lenient, and pointed the
finger at 20 years' worth of short-sighted decisions, not least making
.com the de facto domain suffix of choice.

Wednesday 2001-08-08

Arp discovered a Nethack binary for Windows, and immediately set about
playing, which must be to the delight of Greg, who begged him, twice, to
do so: 


Al and William T Wilson, amongst others, weighed in with opinions on the
relative merits of various games in the same strand, especially Angband.
Phil Gregory had a quick potted history for us:

Thursday 2001-08-09

Zool posted a story about a couple who met through the illustrious world
of ferret breeding, in particular "Modern Ferret" magazine. Perhaps my
mind is affected by the Darwin Awards book I'm reading at present, but
the thought of the "compulsion to breed ferrets" gene propagating itself
in this way fills me with terror. :) 


Matt Jones picked up on a Guardian story on automatic prose generation
programs. Arp began quoting example output, and applying basic lit crit
techniques to it... 


Alex Robinson pointed out that the Guardian's coverage was a bit
suspect, especially the rather desperate assertion that a machine could
never replace a real news reporter. He also pondered that Arp might be
an AI authorbot, which was kind of inevitable, really... 

With frightening synchronicity, a group of robot market traders was also
revealed, out-performing their braying, wine-bar frequenting
flesh-and-blood counterparts. Chris H wondered whether a robot-run
market would be prone to crashes. Alex pointed out that a human-run
system was hardly great. 

Al Snell posted a link to TheSpark's Gay Test, and various (void)ers
reported back. Some scored an average percentage of gayness, some were
way over, and some (including Arp) were much less gay than average.

And boom! just like that! Another 7 days of all our lives passed into
the unreachable past... But hey, at least they were made a little richer
by the fertile mix of the (void). Or something.

I Am Not An Authorbot.

Links of the week: 

http://www.webelements.com - Al Snell

http://www.c6.org/evol/ - Chris Heathcote

http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Acropolis/5148/bohr_storyontests.html -
Patrik Nordebo 

http://members.ozemail.com.au/~spryor/thinking.html - Steve Mynott

http://patrick.bucketchild.net/birth_pics.php - John McDonnell

http://test3.thespark.com/gaytest/ - Al Snell
Next week, the (void) as seen through the eyes of Todd Larason...