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(void) summary hurty claw 2001-10-05 Pizza, peeking and pulses

(void) summary hurty knee 2001-09-28 Sex, death, busyness, speeches, fragments

(void) summary hurty shoe 2001-09-21 Music (old, grey and bad), more politics

(void) summary hurty buns 2001-09-14 That cultural event and foreshadowing

(void) summary wordy 2001-09-07 Feeling cultured, Macintosh passions, hi-tech stats

(void) summary in the summertime 2001-08-31 Books, hypnosis, falling Romans and uptime

(void) summary nathan-hate 2001-08-24 Dick size wars, window managers and oddball scientists

(void) summary smutty heaven 2001-08-17 Commercials, wild cheese, bouncy and layering

(void) summary bent? he fix 2001-08-10 Gay test, Nethack, babies and exposure

(void) summary when arrive 2001-08-03 Rough notes, controversy and lateness

(void) summary plentyful 2001-07-27 Tomorrow's World, porn and prostitution

(void) summary plenty free 2001-07-20 Number stations, more guns and scaffolding

(void) summary hentai teeth 2001-07-13 Everybody cracks, stats attack and we rap

(void) summary bendy fun 2001-07-06 Currency, driving, bedbugs and scopeware

(void) summary plenty 2001-06-29 Script tamers, schools, crap after and zero

(void) summary sign stream 2001-06-22 it come with it every day at Oven

(void) summary time cube 2001-06-15 Daynal vs the world, candidates and explosions

(void) summary severed dreams 2001-06-08 Daily format, subs and unsubs, fireworks and drinking

(void) summary thick teens 2001-06-01 Platoon, imaging, guerrillas and funny money

(void) summary pit fiend 2001-05-25 too short! nuclear war, lileks and YALT

(void) summary tureen 2001-05-18 t-shirts, chippies and PG-13 films

(void) summary hurting 2001-05-11 Summaries, veal and hinternets too

(void) summary delve 2001-05-04 Facts, links and guest lists

(void) summary unleavened 2001-04-27 Razors, magick, Rand and drugs

(void) summary den 2001-04-20 Eighties music, speedy cars and food

(void) summary lime 2001-04-13 Instructions, beeps and monkeys

(void) summary eats 2001-04-06 File sharing, burnout and beauty

(void) summary serpents 2001-03-26 Earthlights, tees and OS X

(void) summary sicks 2001-03-19 Memes, lizards, walks and rips

(void) summary fife 2001-03-12 Rudeness, art and creation

for summary in (void) 2001-03-05 Coupons, novels and digests

(void) summary three of some 2001-02-26 Spices, jobs and ads

(void) summary returns 2001-02-19 Ridley, youth and photos

(void) weekly summary, february 2001-02-12 Games, plates and gadgets

OK, all.  I have finally managed to catch up on several hundred messages
that I couldn't get due while I had network problems.  I've got to get some
work done today, and, rather than delay the summary even more, I've decided
to just post it as I have it in my notes.  Consider this a rustic,
minimalist, rough-edged summary.  It's cool!  It's rural!  It's earthy and

Or maybe I just suck. 


     Mike Jarvis birthday. (Happy Bday)
       Patrik bday too

     More discussoin of the IDs of Daynal and Arp (help)
       Alex Robinson suggests burning Daynal in a wicker vagina
       Simon Winstow thinks liberals are more dogmatic than conservatives
       THe political slants of newspapers discussed
       devers doesn't think there's a media bias
       devolved into air conditioning 
       cdevers suggests warming pulse points

       Nordebo (P) wants to be a benevolent all-known dictator.
       Horse Manure: made fresh daily
       cdevers and jmelesky had a nice chat about bston

     Broadcasting and the public interest.  Mike Jarvis laments the lack of
     masturbating bears in Britain. (no subject)

     Talk of Brass Eye (druguvanayshon)
       Zool wanted more cock.  Wicker mentioned again.
       Some people complained.
       Steve Mynott thinks the tits were gratuitous.  Wants more.

     Arp is based on a modular XML infoset design (ARP)
       Initials game.

     More talk of prostitution.  Mynott thinks America has tolerance zones.
     Todd has never seen them.  Daynal provides examples of legal and
     illegal porn ads.  (people are rubbish)

     Some folks talked about KLF (KLF)

     Arp ponders serial killes (Son of Sam)

     Al Snell has a file.  Matt jones struggles with libertarianism.  People
     took their usual positions.  Arp threw out taunts and called Steve a
     loon without backing it up.  Steve wishes we coul discuss *how* to
     achieve a forceless society.
     (Tomorrow's World)

     Chris posts a cool puzzle (friday fun)

     Al Snell has a file.  Chris wants to know if he has one.  (TOmorrow's

     Greg posts some useful advice (Every so often...)

     MP3 collection size comparison.  Todd wins.  But Slarti says the
     gweep's communal stash is bigger. (whos got the biggest...)  

     Daynal posts a URL to a bunch of crap about feminist men.  Devolved
     into talk of the differences between Christmas and THanksgiving.  THe
     US is a vast occult conspiracy.  Chris implors people to forget the
     Christ stuff and KEEP SPENDING.  Ashley and CHris discussed platoon and
     Viet Nam.(The F word)

     zool wonders about the lack of messages, and asks about 'already's
     part of speech.  Steve says he's heard people using it to mean 'now',
     and thinks it's Merkan.  Ian gets more specific, and finds it really
     annoying.  Padraig says that it's an adverb.    Short lifetime of
     political books is mentioned.  (<tumbleweed>)

     Daynal mounred the end of Voyager.  General agreement is that Voyager's
     episode quality is patchy:  some really really good, the rest really
     really bad.  Barry posted the plot of the last episode.  Somehow
     cherry popping got into the mix.  (Tragic Loss)

     Pop under adverts mentioned.  Chris thinks its the advertisers being
     spiteful because the NEt is Different.  Pop-ups make Daynal want to
     kill.  (pop under adverts)

     Everyone is a nut.  Daynal babbles about auras.  Lots of stuff about
     meritocracy, and bets on who Dubya is going to attack before he's out.
     (From his Links Page)

     The UK as opressive knife laws, too.  (This country sucks)
     Andrew Bowman thinks not being ale to carry a knife a carry in my
     pocket every day isa  good idea.

     Arp got a Smena.  (smena)
     Robert Shiels doesn't understand cheap camera fetishes.
     Everyone has a nice chat about light meters and expousre.
     Aslhey is learning the basics of photography.

     Al Snell modifies song lyrics to be dirty (Best Video)
     Ashley has never seen the Priase You video

    Thoughts feel like they are i nAshley's brain.  Al says its because
    thats where our eyes are, so that's where in our bodies we perceive
    ourselves as being, and wonders where blind deaf people think they are.

    Lot of funny town slogans.  Devers posts email addresses for his entire
    family, but doesn't trust us with SSNs (Phone Booth)

    ARP saw a movie and rambled about it again.  (Never say Never AGain)
    Niklas's nickname is now Bork.
    Todd goes on at length about Bond Films.  Goldfinger is silly.