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(void) weekly summary, february 2001-02-12 Games, plates and gadgets

Summarise, early in the morning ... 

Or, as it happens, rather heinously bleeding late. My apologies. It's all
Simon Wistow's fault for not volunteering and leaving the task to a complete
muppet. :)

>>>>>as good as a rest<<<<<
The early part of this week was dominated by the Pocket Change Thread, which
continued last weeks discussion of coinage and turned to cash vs. cards and
backed vs fiat currencies. Chris Devers calimed that currency was retro,
whereas Todd pointed out that you can't pay  hookers with debit cards. 
"Evil" Dave Cantrell told of a busker who took debit cards for the benefit
of Merkan tourists, and John McDonnell made a lewd suggestion about card
swiping and strippers. 

Todd Larason wrote of the problems with even bimetallic currencies. Steve
Mynott blasted university economics courses and mentioned currencies backed
by baskets of goods rather than just gold. 

Dave Cantrell thinks Darwin looks like a monkey on the new tenners.


>>>>>hello, john<<<<<
In a continuation of last week's Chalkboard thread saw Arp talking about his
old mini. Steve Mynott praised the new mini  James Duncan compared it to a
sex pistols reunion gig. Steve Mynott then labelled the new mini as
Nathan-fodder and the old mini with its dated British crapness as being like
Doctor Who.

John McDonnell was disdainful of automatic gearboxes. Robert
"MCVumbledeTexan" Jones told him to speak more like a Merkan (probably
preceded by a comment like "You ain't from round these parts, are y'boy?").

Ian Malpass and Alaric Snell exchanged engine-swapping stories and Arp
mentioned the Fiat Mephistopheles, as well as smart cars.

There was some discussion as to why Merkans seem to be obsessed with big
cars. Big distances and cheap petrol were cited. 


>>>>>mugwump jism<<<<<
Ian Malpass had bedbug trouble, but found a wealth of wexcellent advice in
Simon Batistoni. A description of the infestation made rick, the man who
described shit-blistering to (void), go "urrrgh".


>>>>>sort it out<<<<<<
Celia Romaniuk praised David Gelernter's Scopeware. Simon Wistow asserted
that it didn't do anything that most OS didn't do already and talked about
fully-relational and "flocking" file systems. A shockingly "on-topic" thread
for (void). Celia said Scopeware grouping would be good for IA projects, but
not for web work. The discussion then turned from filesystem organisation to
music organisation. Various sorting schemes wer described from anal "High
Fidelity"-style systems to "chuck the naked CDs on the floor"-tpe systems.

Oh and Celia makes an involuntary "Eeeeeeeeee!" when you mention marketing,
apprently. Try it next time you're in the pub with her.


>>>>>*sob* I was only trying to *sob* advise you!<<<<<
Arp continued to struggle to retain his grip on sanity this week and he slid
further towards serial-killerhood. In a series of soul-wrenching cries for
help, he told the list of his dream about murdering one of his flatmates in
the Dream thread and the fact that he had bought a crossbow capable of quite
impressive penetration in the Pounds thread. 

After Arp revealed the true extend of the rage buried deep inside him, Simon
Batistoni empathised, Greg McCarroll suggested taking up boxing or rugby,
Steve Mynoot advocated stereo warfare and Robert C Jones said that emptying
a couple of clips down a firing range always chills him out.

Arp's mental degeneration culminated with him sitting naked in a chair in a
thunderstorm, shooting a crossbow at bits of wood, cardboard and books.
Unfortunately, everyone thought he was just joking and not actually crawling
on his knees in the endless procession of night that leads us to the valley
of despair. Oh dear.


>>>>>changing brooms<<<<<
Bad news mutated into a discussion of longevity and saw Adam C Auden delurk
(howdy!). He blamed Simon Wistow for his presence. William T Wilson hoped to
see the 22nd century and looked forward to seeing what will happen. Arp made
parallels between multiple body part replacements and swapping a broom head
and handle several times. Simon Batistoni pointed out that you don't keep
your original cells anyway.  Chris Devers claimed that nerves don't
regenerate and Daynal claimed they did, sometimes.


Simon Wistow regaled us with an anecdote of how he damaged the nerves in his
hand (he's only got himself to blame, you know). Celia teased him and left
him coughing, squirming and with his concentration failing fast. Chris
Devers told a story about a crazy Cajun feller he knows and queried the
pronunciation of New Orleans.


Adam C Auden was "sure place name pronunciation is not a subject we want to
get into on a mailing list which crosses the pond." Inevitably, a discussion
about place name pronunciation sprang up. Ian Malpass and Simon Wistow
propagated the "aussie pronounces Loughborough as Loogarabooga" meme. Celia
called it as an urban myth. Simon responded that it couldn't be an urban
myth - it'd happened to a friend of his!


>>>>>take any bottles into the shower?<<<<<
Arp suggested that Russina Propagandists would make good ad men. Steve
Mynott didn't think so because they wouldn't have had the backing of the
imperialist oppressive aggressor state. He also didn't think that people
were dim enough to be taken in by the advertising bull of shampoos and the
like. Matt Jones claimed that they were in his experience. 

Product placement abounded as Vicky McDonnell, Simon Batistoni, Arp, John
McDonnell and Robert Shiels all emntioned the effects of various shampoos on
their hair. Dave Cantrell was proud of his zero maintenance,
"shorter-than-my-beard" haircut. Richard and Judy taught Chris Heathcote
everything he knows.


>>>>>make very easy mnemonics just so u no planets<<<<<
Ian Malpass mentioned the discover of as large new body in the solar system.
He, Steve Mynott, John McDonnell and Adam C Auden all suggested new
mnemonics to include it after pluto in the sequence of planets. The mention
of astrophysics keyword triggered the Blechbot, who mocked the weak minded
fools and their reliance on old jedi mind tricks like mnemonics. Randal made
the "uranus" joke and paul got a bit grumpy about puerile humour and typos. 

Much to Paul's approval, Arp recited the moons of the solar sytem from
memory and nearly got it right. Patrik Nordebo said Pluto was easy to miss.
Arp told him "For God's sake, stop raping Pluto"!

: <Pine.LNX.4.21.0107051039440.4794-100000@moot.vx-labs.org> 

>>>>>In Other News<<<<<
There was yet more photographic discussion between Arp, Ian "I'm Everywhere"
Malpass, Chris Heathcote and others that took in simple Russian Cameras,
film developing, scanning and the noodle-baking properties of screen

The mention of thunder prompted a rare post from Ceren who went on to
discuss Dance Dance Revolution, bemani, manga and anime with Simon Wistow.

Arp's mention of the Apple G4 Cube keyword triggered the Blechbot who
delivered a macintosh infobomb.

Chris Devers witnessed another road accident and Alex MacLean showed off the
string in his chin.

Lionel Snell posted some advice for aspiring tech writers and Daynal had a
plantcare crisis. Loads of baby bio, Daynal.

Chris Devers made a start on the (void) FAQ and Victoria McDonnell posted a
photo of some shit.

From Chris Devers, Simon Batistoni, Celia Romaniuk, Ian Malpass and Robert