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(void) weekly summary, february 2001-02-12 Games, plates and gadgets

Yet Another in an Interesting [one hopes] series of weekly summaries. 
First impulse was to do the writeup as a sportscaster ("Mison fires off a
withering attack against the Timecubes, but is ably met by the defence, as
represented by Daynal..."), or some bland radio DJ doing the weekly hits
countdown, but results were markedly less amusing than initial hopes, so I
ditched it and am going for a more average one. Maybe someone will have
more ambition next week. Hence, way out of order in a desperate but failed
effort to make any sense of it all (and it was a slow week!), the summary: 

The weeks started off quietly enough, with the tail end of the Texas
bashing thread (everyone loves a slow moving target), before things picked
up with Harl mentioning Zero7. Ashley returned from his week in exile to
mention his new Napalm Death album, and things from there went on to punk,
tech publications like 2600 & Phrack, and how much these things resignate
with the London numeeja underground. That in turn was followed much later
on by a mention of the Geeknic. All the non-Londoners shrugged.

I forwared another sample of the odd spam I've been receiving, and it
touched off a short flurry of the network plumbing topis that many of us
are such suckers for. (Thanks for the tips, billg@microsoft.com.)

But even more than network arcana, we're suckers for EXPLOSIONS, and these
were ably offered by Simon Wistow with his comments on Hiroshima. This was
the first big topic of the week, and it mutated & snaked all over the
place, touching on Cold War newsreels, the ethics of using nuclear
weapons, the draft, the extent of the casualties from various acts of war,
and a few dozen other little offshoots. Eventually, debate came to focus
on whether or not the US [a] could have avoided dropping the two atomic
bombs on Japan, and [b] knew in advance that Pearl Harbor was going to be
attacked. This latter thread was where the conspiracy theories reared
their head again, with old familiar lines being drawn as to which
(void)ers chalked it up as 20/20 hindsight and which saw it as the
workings of the Illuminati. Earlier in the week, Ashley asked if the long
absent Daynal had in fact been a government agent, and like a genie,
*poof*, she comes back. In spite of valiant efforts to point out the
silliness of conspiracy theories, the subject that refuses to go away
didn't go away this week either. For the record, it only took 3 1/2 days,
depending on whether & how you count timezones, from the time of Daynal's
first re-appearance to the first personal attacks between her on one side
and United Cabal of Scientifically Minded Libertarians & Socialists (that
is, Robert Jones and David Cantrell, with many others abstaining) on the
other. Somehow I think we saw that coming...  :)  A few more or less
random samples of the long & winding discussion: 

On a less inflammatory note, Robert Sheils asked us what is the biggest
selling album in the US, and everybody got it wrong. (But hey, everyone
*I* knew in college had the first Sunny Day Real Estate album, it seemed
like a reasonable guess.... :). Earlier, Ian Malpass pointed out that the
B-2 is no match for a cell phone, and there was hardly enough hearty

The EU whined about DVD region codes (though not on (void), which is
probably why they're still having problems -- Niklas had to mention it
for them, the lazy bastards), and this spun into a conversation on CSS
licensing & legality for half a dozen messages or so (a lot, this week).

With mention of the EU, it's also worth bringing up the week's other big
topic -- the wacky world of politics, and it's weird fringe groups like
the Monster Raving Loony Party, the Jam Crab Wrestling Party, the
Getuplicans, the Downocrats, Jack Chick's followers, and of course William
Hague & the Conservatives (who are not a motown act, unfortunately). But
weirdest of all, and the one that touched off the most conversation
(albeit of funk music, rather than the topic at hand) was the Third World
Tax Party and their "every conspiracy *and* the kitchen sink" home page,
which has apparently been plastered up all over London (and presumably
other parts of the third world, too). This converstion of course sprialled
back to setting up the [funk] bomb and what would be the optimal home
chemistry apparatus for doing so. Ian scared me, just a little. He seems
to have done things (shades of Tyler Durden) that the rest of us just read
out of the _Anarchist's Cookbook_. 

Simon Batistoni let us in on his neighbor's wacky laptop (which, aside
>from being a laptop instead of an iMac clone, was a spot on description of
my Mom's computer...), and there was much laughter, especially when the
ensuing conversation had Ashley briefly switching genders.  

Daynal raised a conversation about squatting, which as near as I can tell
is an entirely UKian practice (unless it's just a euphemism for homeless,
but I gather that there's a bit more to it than that -- like that it seems
to be willfull homelessness for one thing, and that it probably wouldn't
like being called homeless in the first place, etc), and therefore most of
the followups were also from the third world. 
http://slab.org/mailman/private/void/Week-of-Mon-20010611/039682.html etc

Mr Batistoni stroked our egos with the 8-Bit Construction Set, which puts
software on vinyl (not for the first time, but *still*). This brought on
much reminiscing about old games & SCTV movies (eh?), and the return of
Buffy's own Grep McCarroll, who apparently only has the time to flood one
mailing list at a time. 

Later, in an entirely unlrelated thread, Nathan Barley's incestuous grip
on the numeeja underworld -- including here! -- was revelaed once and for
all. The earth shuddered. That thread trailled over to discussions of
numeeja v. oldmeeja, whether or not print is dead (Igon said it is in
1986, so it must be long gone by now), and whether or not digital media,
in the form of sites like Suck, can really take the place of paper based
magazines. The concensus seemed to be that ...well there really was no
concensus as far as I could tell, some like digital porn while others like
paper porn, and the same holds true for the rest of the newstand as well.
Amusingly, the list software thinks "cre-at-ate" is an email address.

Later still (my god you people talk a lot, this must be hell on a week
when there's actually a lot of traffic), people talked about Legos, Star
Wars, the intersection of such, and the diversion into other film
crossovers. The world awaits Lego Serpico.

Frank Gough mentioned a Dutch artpiece made out of paper and *not*
sponges, and collected for the web with a Sony camera (or not). Later
(unlrelated), discussion of Snoods, Crazy Golf, a really cool poem about
fingers & moons, animal sounds, and pictures of New York.

Ashley mentioned that Amazon is selling the Monty Python collection on
DVD, and I found out that Holy Grail is playing here tonight. Speaking of
which, that's where I'm going now -- word has it that there will be
costumes. I'll have the digital camera ready -- all for you, guys... 

--Final Note--

Last week Alex did the summary, and trumped just about everyone else by
being able to point out what he alone (?) can know: subscription info. 


heh, sorta

I have just been told that my friend Isabelle, as noted on (void) in at
least once or twice in the past, has joined the list (though not the fray


AOLIM Snippity Snappity:

    chdevers: we're seeing monty python & the holy grail tonight
    lilblackbean: not fair...heard about that on (void)
    chdevers: ahh you signed up for that?
    lilblackbean: yup, at yr urging...i am in love w/ both simon and ashley
    chdevers: haha awesome
    lilblackbean: i just downloaded snood, too, but haven't played yet
    chdevers: my mom plays that damn game all the time
    chdevers: you're gonna get hoooked too
    chdevers: i've made a point of not getting into it
    lilblackbean: i got the damn game bc YOU were talking about it!!
    chdevers: haha yeah but i didn't think anyone would actually get it...
    lilblackbean: fuck you...i'm just a wannabe techie...:-)
    chdevers: your presence is going in this weeks summary now :-)
    chdevers: everyone will say hi to you
    lilblackbean: cool...is simon cute??
    chdevers: which simon? there are a couple of them
    chdevers: simon wistow? simon kinahan?
    lilblackbean: oh, maybe i have several crushes then...
    chdevers: haha could be
    lilblackbean: bastioni or something?
    chdevers: oh yeah him too :-)
    chdevers: i can only recall one picture of him, but 
         yeah i guess he woulda counted as cute
    lilblackbean: he has a mac, so i heart him
    chdevers: a lot of them on there do too
    lilblackbean: good, mac people are cool people..
    chdevers: damn right we are :-)
    lilblackbean: we rawk tha free world
    chdevers: heh
    lilblackbean: ok, gotta go..

<mailto:bellemad@hotmail.com>;, <aolim:lilblackbean>, yet another person to
add to the phonebook (whenever it gets presentable). Ok. 

I'm going to the movie. Have a nice weekend, y'all.