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(void) summary hurty claw 2001-10-05 Pizza, peeking and pulses

(void) summary hurty knee 2001-09-28 Sex, death, busyness, speeches, fragments

(void) summary hurty shoe 2001-09-21 Music (old, grey and bad), more politics

(void) summary hurty buns 2001-09-14 That cultural event and foreshadowing

(void) summary wordy 2001-09-07 Feeling cultured, Macintosh passions, hi-tech stats

(void) summary in the summertime 2001-08-31 Books, hypnosis, falling Romans and uptime

(void) summary nathan-hate 2001-08-24 Dick size wars, window managers and oddball scientists

(void) summary smutty heaven 2001-08-17 Commercials, wild cheese, bouncy and layering

(void) summary bent? he fix 2001-08-10 Gay test, Nethack, babies and exposure

(void) summary when arrive 2001-08-03 Rough notes, controversy and lateness

(void) summary plentyful 2001-07-27 Tomorrow's World, porn and prostitution

(void) summary plenty free 2001-07-20 Number stations, more guns and scaffolding

(void) summary hentai teeth 2001-07-13 Everybody cracks, stats attack and we rap

(void) summary bendy fun 2001-07-06 Currency, driving, bedbugs and scopeware

(void) summary plenty 2001-06-29 Script tamers, schools, crap after and zero

(void) summary sign stream 2001-06-22 it come with it every day at Oven

(void) summary time cube 2001-06-15 Daynal vs the world, candidates and explosions

(void) summary severed dreams 2001-06-08 Daily format, subs and unsubs, fireworks and drinking

(void) summary thick teens 2001-06-01 Platoon, imaging, guerrillas and funny money

(void) summary pit fiend 2001-05-25 too short! nuclear war, lileks and YALT

(void) summary tureen 2001-05-18 t-shirts, chippies and PG-13 films

(void) summary hurting 2001-05-11 Summaries, veal and hinternets too

(void) summary delve 2001-05-04 Facts, links and guest lists

(void) summary unleavened 2001-04-27 Razors, magick, Rand and drugs

(void) summary den 2001-04-20 Eighties music, speedy cars and food

(void) summary lime 2001-04-13 Instructions, beeps and monkeys

(void) summary eats 2001-04-06 File sharing, burnout and beauty

(void) summary serpents 2001-03-26 Earthlights, tees and OS X

(void) summary sicks 2001-03-19 Memes, lizards, walks and rips

(void) summary fife 2001-03-12 Rudeness, art and creation

for summary in (void) 2001-03-05 Coupons, novels and digests

(void) summary three of some 2001-02-26 Spices, jobs and ads

(void) summary returns 2001-02-19 Ridley, youth and photos

(void) weekly summary, february 2001-02-12 Games, plates and gadgets

Welcome to yet another late summary. (Unless someone else pipes up with one,
I'll usually be doing it: would people like a name on top of the summaries
web page for who'll be doing the next one? I could fix that. Of course, if
people just post a summary, I'll not bother. This is (void) you know.)

It was summery in Britain last Friday, so people suggested really daft
ideas, like walking around the Circle Line, and less silly ones, like Al
Snell's plan to sit in a park with high-powered water pistols and beer- the
latter, unsurprisingly, prompting most discussion, although Simon Batistoni
made a call for walking around King's Cross. Duncan pointed out the
possibilities of dual-weapon systems (water and Nerf) and Ashley Pomeroy
suggested putting the beer in the water pistol. Celia made some good points
about organisation, so we don't all get lost.


The Texan suggested a complex plan for getting a phrase using browser
history and search engines; the results have only just been compiled, and
I've stuck them at http://husk.org/void/stochastic.txt rather than try and
stick all that into here.

Ashley asked about Typing of the Dead, a first-person-shooter / touchtype
trainer hybrid. Simon Wistow and Chris Pinard confirmed it existed and
provided more information about it.


Chris Devers resurrected an old thread by mentioning how bad Red Dawn, the
Soviet PG-13 invasion film, seemed to him, and also mentioned Apocalypse
Now. Todd Larason followed up with three bad comedies, while Ashley pointed
out Roger Ebert's worst three films. The variations on Apocalypse Now that
have been released were discussed, as was Gremlins, another early PG-13, and
also clarified the life of the rating. Ashley mocked UK classifications.


Replicant found a booth that let you send email; Simon B was surprised they
still existed, and mentioned crashing cashpoints, running NT; Todd pointed
out that they used to run on OS/2, while Ian Farrer mentioned that they
often ran on AS/400s or mainframes. Mike Jarvis mentioned he'd worked on
OS/2 ATMs, while Robin Houston pondered on how to play with NT machines just
from a keypad. Ashley liked the aesthetics of green screens.


(void) noticed the passing of Douglas Adams, with Duncan and Mike Moran
posting links to the BBC. Robert Shiels liked Neil Gaiman's sendoff, and
Matt Jones wondered how much crack the casting people for the HHGTTG film
were smoking...


Mention of a couple of upcoming London events prompted Replicant to post a
list of upcoming birthdays, which Simon B turned into a list. Simon also set
up the Great Garmentisation Thread, which achieved, by the end of the week,
a statement on the final face of the t-shirt (and the colour, as suggested
by Chris Heathcote, with barcodes by Rick), plans for girl-shaped,
child-sized and large-volume clothing and a relocation of the phone book
(thanks to David Cantrell and Chris Devers).


Robert Shiels finally left his job, as presaged earlier in the week, as did
Patrik Nordebo, with slightly less willingness. Ashley noted how often this
was happening and mentioned loss of freebies as a harbinger of doom; Steve
Mynott pointed out this sort of thing was a cross industry shakeout, but
David Cantrell contrasted this with his experience; and Celia wondered if
losing your job was always necessarily unlucky- as Patrik noted, layoff
packages almost have to be good. 


William Wilson sparked an interesting spur of the Lateralus thread by asking
if people has been succesful in avoiding MPAA companies; Rob noted how
difficult it was, Chris Devers mentioned the advertising dimension, and Todd
Larason clarified some of the links.


An offshoot of the t-shirt design process was the profusion of fonts, going
at one point into tube geek territory with Alex Robinson using Gill Sans,
and also pointing out the differences with Johnston Underground Type. Ashley
mentioned it as a timeless design, and also nominated the Space Shuttle, and
3.5" disks, and Rob mentioned aeroplanes, leading to some discussion of the
tech involved (thanks Simon W) and a linkfest for the A380 (or A3XX, as
everyone still seems to know it as).


One of the odder thread spurs was when the talk of birthdays went into banks
(via security), with Chris H being paranoid about the birthday list, David
Cantrell disliking his bank's security, Matt Jones lib-trolling by asking
why he didn't just change and mentioning chippies by crossing the threads
with Russia and Ashley pointing out that no-one reads the signs. Alex closed
the thread with a post that defied replies.


Links of the week, from busy man Simon Batistoni, Replicant, Ashley Pomeroy
and Robert Shiels.


That's it. Shoo.