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(void) summary hurty claw 2001-10-05 Pizza, peeking and pulses

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(void) weekly summary, february 2001-02-12 Games, plates and gadgets

Apt, as it's quite 'summery' outside, hahahahaha! Ha.

On Monday Jo Walsh e-mailed me to tell me to do the summary, so I did, and
here it is. There isn't a link to this fact in the archive because it was
private mail. I know two people called Jo, although I don't really *know*
Jo Walsh.

I'm gonna do it in a different way, as list of OFFICIAL FACTS. Here is the

I shall keep it down to less than ten points per day, with extremely
unfunny puns on people's names.

Things that (Void) proved to be true - during SATURDAY 28th APRIL - MONDAY
30th APRIL!
1. There is no such thing as a portable MP3 recorder. There are lots of
portable Minidisc recorders, however.
2. Ashley Pomerod likes peanut butter; Chris Healthcode revealed a
culinary secret - peanut butter *and jam* sandwiches. Ashley Pooperhead
thinks that this will be too calorific.
3. Alex McLoon revealed that he had posted an extract from '1984' to the
list. It was about the lottery, and not machine-gunning people in the
water, or terrible soup.
5. Simon Zapatista revealed that TV Cream have some kind of prize to the
most prolific / interesting list member of their forthcoming (I'm writing
this on Monday) mailing list. Ashley decides not to participate, because
he'll be humiliated by the pros - people who know the episode titles of
'Roobard and Custard' as well as the transmission dates and repeat
transmission dates, that kind of person.
6. Steve Whynot reveals that the Rand Corporation is nothing to do with
Ayn Rand, and that thankfully the world isn't run by a cabal of
objectivists, and that he hopes that China and the US engage in a Cold War
style space race culminating in a landing on Mars. First words on Mars
: 'I'm home', probably.

Meanwhile, people complain about how journalists bend the truth, we see
some truly scary bearded men from the South of America:
and there is a film called 'Microscopic Liquid Subway to Oblivion':

Poem of the day:
"Believe in Jesus, and help stop sneezes" 

The last post I saw before going home was from John Melesky (sp?). I know
little of this man. It was about Perl, I think.
And that was that for then.


1. We learn that it's harder to make a hydrogen bomb than it appears.
2. We learn that the there will be a big war between Gap and a variety of
other, similar stores. "The armies of Ikea are on the March in
Asgard. Night has fallen. You are in the citadel of Mithrone on the plains
of Garthone. You can see Lord Mellish. He has an army of 10,000 men." or
something (it's supposed to be 'Lords of Midnight').
3. We learn that Primark sell packs of five socks for two pounds.
4. "Does the Right-Left distinction have any meaning with Libertarianism
since you can be left-libertarian or right-libertarian? I thought
Libertarian-Authoritarian was a different axis."
5. There was a demonstration in London, but nobody could see it because
the internet was down.
6. Occam's razor came in for some stick. Perhaps - ho ho - it should have
been placed within a cardboard pyramid.
7. Tuesday was a bit dull.

http://www.ashleypomeroy.com/poems.html (bad poetry)
http://www.llnl.gov/csts/publications/sutcliffe/ (the dangers of

1. The American Army is having trouble with headgear and morale.
2. There is some kind of protest or something in London.
3. We all agree that humans are just machines, and that there is no soul
or spirit.
4. Robocop quotes!
5. Computer graphics are not what they were.
6. Pioneer 10 had what appeared to be an RS232 connector on it, but it
couldn't have been - could it?
7. In the last ten years, every single human being in America has been
saved by guns.
8. All the libertarians make fools of themselves, whilst rational people
such as myself ran intellectual and moral rings around them.
9. Non-competitive sports scar kids for life.

http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~ph/nyit/ - CGI!
http://www-pw.physics.uiowa.edu/pioneer/gtt.jpg - D plug!
http://www.self-gov.org/quiz.html - proof positive that libertarians need
rigged quizzes to fool stupid people into joining their cult!
http://shadowgirl.net/photos/NYC-apr-2001/ - very nice photos!
http://www.camden.abduction.org/mayday2001/DC0035L.jpg - fat, sweaty

THURSDAY, the day of THOR, GOD of HAMMERS, 3may01:
1. There is no tube strike. This wasn't on (void). For some reason.
2. There was a protest of some kind yesterday.
3. We continue to agree that humans are just machines, and that there is
no soul or spirit.
4. Lego is better than lethal weapons. Water pistols are even
better. Pepperball guns rock!
5. The libertarians make fools of themselves again, whilst rational people
such as myself continue to run intellectual and moral rings around them.
6. Swords are better than lethal weapons.
7. So are water stun guns.
8. A reference  to a drunken Leonid Brezhnev stating forcefully that some
dictator person is a 'Dirty Man' turns into a massive thread about
Ghostbusters and New York.
9. Simon was packing - fnar!

http://squack.com/steve/jpg/20010401/ - some kind of protest thing.
http://www.cis.usouthal.edu/~cdevers/job.jpg - the people in charge of
Razorfish have left, presumably because Razorfish is now doing so well it
doesn't need them any more.
http://www.jaycor.com/eme/watcan.htm - electric water!


1. There are big buildings being built.
2. There is no definitive London movie, but there is one for Newcastle.
3. 'greige'
4. They call it acid.
5. Silence descends.
6. You wait... time passes.
7. Thorin sits down and sings about gold. Thorin is here. Gandalf goes
north. Thorin goes north. Gandalf enters.
8. Say to Gandalf "Get me".
9. You are in a Gandalf. You can see: nothing.
10. Our work here is done.

http://www.ashleypomeroy.com/schlime.mp3 - Venkmann! Bitte kommen!
http://www.synicon.com.au/sw/ls/sabres.htm - Light Sabres
http://www.oldskool.weekend-rush.com/rave_history_index.htm - house