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(void) weekly summary, february 2001-02-12 Games, plates and gadgets

Hi. I'm doing this on time, which is scary. It helps it's been a
relatively quiet relatively single threaded week, so hopefully this
will be better than lat week's abomination.

Matt Jones posted a time-cube-esque punishment link, which was followed
up in his own inimitible fashion by Alex Robinson, while Steve Mynott
posted about assination politics.


Those fun rating people at Capalert came under scrutiny. Tony Bowden
mentioned their wonderful WISDOM scale, and introduced Guess the Movie,
while Simon Batistoni suggested Blackstar use it as a rating system.
Randal turned the quiz into a web column; his definition of (void)
caused lots of debate, including a suggestion packed post from John
Melesky. Chris Devers revived the FAQ.


The Westlife single prompted a flood on Holy Crap. Matt Jones said
there'd be no revolution, Padraig Finnerty pointed out the new genre
theory and Ashley talked about the business. Chris argued the next
revolution in music would be in distribution not content, and Arp came
back on that too. Mike Moran extrapolated the mainstream.


Simon Wistow picked up on the controversy around Tierney Gearon, while
dissecting the papers, and argued with Alex Robinson argued over
censorship and art. Simon Batistoni pondered what made Gearon an
artist, while Mike Moran parried reductionist questions and Simon
Kinahan [0] provided a touch of humour.


On a tangent, Matt queried news priorities with respect to the Taliban.
Kerr Rainey countered that human rights had made the news before, and
Chris Devers pondered Buddhist attitudes. Alex Robinson provided links
to country-specific news services and, responding to requests,
information on US funding in Afghanistan.


The obligatory games thread was started with a discussion of the
Mojoworld 'creation' software, which turned into a discussion of real
cities in games and the merits or otherwise of the PS2, including an
inspiring rant from Simon Wistow, followed up by Arp.


Other threads I pondered including: hactivism, for Alex Robinson's
net-time infobomb, help me obi-void for the useful anti-HTML mail
advice and alternatives (he.net got a reasonable writeup), and the CD
encoding discussion, which is useful for when you're deciding what
format to compress your CDs with (mp3, mainly). Excerpts below.


Links o' the week, from Ade, Matt (busy week, that lad) and Harl, as
corrected by Magnus Bodin: