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(void) summary hurty claw 2001-10-05 Pizza, peeking and pulses

(void) summary hurty knee 2001-09-28 Sex, death, busyness, speeches, fragments

(void) summary hurty shoe 2001-09-21 Music (old, grey and bad), more politics

(void) summary hurty buns 2001-09-14 That cultural event and foreshadowing

(void) summary wordy 2001-09-07 Feeling cultured, Macintosh passions, hi-tech stats

(void) summary in the summertime 2001-08-31 Books, hypnosis, falling Romans and uptime

(void) summary nathan-hate 2001-08-24 Dick size wars, window managers and oddball scientists

(void) summary smutty heaven 2001-08-17 Commercials, wild cheese, bouncy and layering

(void) summary bent? he fix 2001-08-10 Gay test, Nethack, babies and exposure

(void) summary when arrive 2001-08-03 Rough notes, controversy and lateness

(void) summary plentyful 2001-07-27 Tomorrow's World, porn and prostitution

(void) summary plenty free 2001-07-20 Number stations, more guns and scaffolding

(void) summary hentai teeth 2001-07-13 Everybody cracks, stats attack and we rap

(void) summary bendy fun 2001-07-06 Currency, driving, bedbugs and scopeware

(void) summary plenty 2001-06-29 Script tamers, schools, crap after and zero

(void) summary sign stream 2001-06-22 it come with it every day at Oven

(void) summary time cube 2001-06-15 Daynal vs the world, candidates and explosions

(void) summary severed dreams 2001-06-08 Daily format, subs and unsubs, fireworks and drinking

(void) summary thick teens 2001-06-01 Platoon, imaging, guerrillas and funny money

(void) summary pit fiend 2001-05-25 too short! nuclear war, lileks and YALT

(void) summary tureen 2001-05-18 t-shirts, chippies and PG-13 films

(void) summary hurting 2001-05-11 Summaries, veal and hinternets too

(void) summary delve 2001-05-04 Facts, links and guest lists

(void) summary unleavened 2001-04-27 Razors, magick, Rand and drugs

(void) summary den 2001-04-20 Eighties music, speedy cars and food

(void) summary lime 2001-04-13 Instructions, beeps and monkeys

(void) summary eats 2001-04-06 File sharing, burnout and beauty

(void) summary serpents 2001-03-26 Earthlights, tees and OS X

(void) summary sicks 2001-03-19 Memes, lizards, walks and rips

(void) summary fife 2001-03-12 Rudeness, art and creation

for summary in (void) 2001-03-05 Coupons, novels and digests

(void) summary three of some 2001-02-26 Spices, jobs and ads

(void) summary returns 2001-02-19 Ridley, youth and photos

(void) weekly summary, february 2001-02-12 Games, plates and gadgets

Inspired by Lee Maguire and Leon Brocard, here's a (void) weekly
summary. If you like it please let me know and I'll try and keep doing
it. If you don't, erm, let me know and I'll, erm, try not to do the bad
things. Or something.

Ashley Pomeroy started another old games thread talking about Mule.
Mike Jarvis wrote about scary things with old Commodores. Steve Mynott
pointed out that the drive was 'shit'.


Chris Devers talked about blank licence plates. So did a few others.


Mike Moran asked about headphones. Lots of people recommended quite a
lot of nice ones. Sennheisers and Sonys got mentioned.


Robert Jones started a thread about giving blood. Chris Heathcote got
annoted he couldn't give blood and sent through some of the regulations
on it.


Chris Devers started an interesting and quite long lived thread on how
your and societies' perception of music changes as time goes by. Steve
Mynott talked about new musics and made me laugh with a post about
Oasis, and he managed to forget Britpop. Matthew Jones was scathing and
veered into politics.


Ashley Pomeroy bridged the music thread with one on gadgets by
mentioning his freebie lighter. Phil Gregory owns a lot of gadgets
which turned out to be quite common; Richard Clamp has lots of gadgets
and has had a laptop survive a car crash. Chris Pinard uses them as


Harl's mention of the word 'truculent' started a thread where Ashley
talked about genitalia amusingly, which veered into a discussion on
bowdlerising and Shakespeare. David Cantrell had fun with a teacher and
the Wife of Bath. In a way.


The Kournikova virus prompted bad memories from Nathan Jeffrey, and
no-one seemed to disagree with Alaric Snell's licensing idea.


Harl and Arp had individual takes on V*l*nt*n*s D*y.


Links o' the week:
http://envy.devzero.org/~kaosfere/pipecleaner/       - Rob Jones
http://www.megatokyo.com/index.php3?date=2000-09-01  - Harl
http://www.mcsweeneys.net/links/lists/autocad.html   - Matt Jones

If you can't get into the slab archives, the username/password is
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