stem » walks » wander » east city wander 2001-12-07

29 photos

barnsbury at night    
kings cross night trails    
halls of residence maybe    
midcity place all lit up    
tree lights hatton gardens    
smithfields tower moon    
st dunstans window weeds    
st dunstans spire alone    
st dunstans spire ruins    
st dunstans ivy    
st dunstans spire fuzzy    
tower hill cranes tree    
crane lit up tower hill    
tower bridge dawn clouds    
city hall being finished    
guys and hms belfast    
st george wapping bae 146    
st george wapping trail    
st george wapping tree    
st george wapping south    
st george wapping east side    
sunrise over the highway    
tower 42 catches the sun    
woman and fish statue    
overhead gantry bare trees    
pearly royals statue    
sun low over london fields    
fuck my head is melting