stem » walks » wander » docklands 2001-09-10

80 photos

holborn lens flare   i want the train  
holborn reflective building    
holborn geometric tower    
fuzzy coffee shop window    
year zero plaque    
square sixties buildings    
midcity place crane    
midcity place reflections    
no exit sixties sign    
old patents office holborn    
fake plastic trees holborn   i read about the history. apparently there are now 55,000...  
prudential gothic building    
glass fronted office lights    
33 high holborn curve    
church windows holborn    
more church windows holborn    
fuzzy window shot    
smithfields from viaduct    
viaduct griffin statue    
viaduct griffin statue face    
city checkpoint    
complex hexagonal frontage    
metallic roofing circles    
corporate modern art    
metallic eighties frontage    
spanish embassy imposes    
curving 80s monstrosity    
all bar one reflect sunset    
st pauls spotlight building    
st pauls steps quiet    
st pauls spotlight darkness    
st pauls looking up dome    
some australian dude    
welcome to bank dlr    
dlr legs train    
dlr less legs train    
dlr legs gone into train    
dlr imposing red sign    
dlr platform empty    
dlr lewisham orange    
dlr emerge fuzzy tunnel    
dlr elevated railway    
dlr approaches limehouse    
dlr fuzzy canary wharf    
dlr canary wharf towers    
more lights and reflections    
dlr speeds away again    
tower crane empty blue sky    
cranes hq5    
three red tower cranes    
canary wharf holy trinity    
citigroup tower tube hoist    
building site scaffolding    
three cranes hq5   this be some fucked up shit  
dlr heron quays    
heron quays looking down    
artists impression tower    
hq4 central core concrete    
hq4 central core landscape    
cranes fuzzy    
dock reflection towers    
holy trinity outside tube    
artists impression cw 2005    
hq4 core closer    
tube arch scaffolding    
smaller citigroup curve    
many cranes sunset hq5   Possibly my favourite crane shot  
hq4 more fuzzy stuff    
lights scaffolding near cw    
one canada square    
one canada square porch    
hsbc tower superstructure    
citigroup tower annexe    
citigroup annexe lights    
three towers overhead    
pervasive umbrella branding    
london porn advert    
canary wharf jle    
bad cw jle scaffolding    
bad cw scaffolding steady