stem » walks » crisps » london open house 2002-09-21

52 photos

30 st mary axe reflections
closer fractured reflection
earle tom tower 42
sun 30 st mary axe girder
30 st mary ax in cgnu
walkers outside undershaft
earle dave tenyon tom simon
lloyds register glassy
lloyds register soars
lloyds register stairways
crisps people queue
lloyds register lift
lloyds register liftshaft
lloyds register atrium
lloyds ornate ceiling
lloyds spirit of shipping
opening plaque
crisps people in lobby
simon oasis of stillness
dave green with bad kfc ad
tower bridge open
boat through tower bridge
crisps posse near tower
tenyon demonstrates bikes
city hall bikes tenyon
city hall from side
city hall atrium roof
people reflected in roof
jo mattb tom queue
south london from city hall
new building cranes more
small city from city hall
people on city hall
glass in city hall
tower bridge from gla
city from city hall
city hall ceiling
city hall signage
me in catering mirror
city hall spiral
city hall spiral winds
city hall front geodesic
city hall spiral recedes
floor eight signage
looking up at front
ramp from beneath loops
even more spiral upwards
city hall debating chamber
spiral from chamber
crisps in front row
crisps reconvene outside
better crisps outside pic