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service buttons, hotel borg
suite, hotel borg
painting, hotel borg
paintings, hotel borg
candace enjoys the reykjavik snow
candace and dark clouds over reykjavik harbour
candace and pointy sculpture
reykjavik cranes
viking boat sculpture, reykjavik harbour
reykjavik's friendliest cat
statue and hallgrimskirkja
leifur ericsson statue
lighting candles in hallgrimskirkja
hallgrimskirkja interior
hallgrimskirkja organ
reykjavik from hallgrimskirkja
hallgrimskirkja bells
aurora over reykjavik 1
aurora over reykjavik 2
aurora over reykjavik 3
althing, reykjavik
hotel borg, reykjavik
swans on city hall pond, reykjavik
candace, swans and city hall
tourist attractions, reykjavik
I wish I had duck feet
swans on artificially warm pond
snow on city hall corners
map of heimay and its insane airport
candace in front of large iceland map, city hall, reykjavik
candace and the oldest building in reykjavik
built 1752
looking seawards statue, reykjavik harbour
hafnarsaga statue, reykjavik harbour
looking seawards plaque
looking seawards with the snowy statue
no dogs sign, central reykjavik
terribly neat, possibly racist, graffiti, reykjavik
corridor, hotel borg
ducks and swans, reykjavik
city hall, pond, birdlife, reykjavik
plane on final approach, reykjavik
graffiti, reykjavik
cat graffiti, reykjavik
window paintings, nelly's, reykjavik
statue, central reykjavik
statue plaque
briefcase man in big rock
danger of death in iceland
fjord over akureyri
hakarl (putrefied shark) in Icelandic supermarket
reykjalid, north Iceland
candace by lake myvatn
lake myvatn and distant mountain
the ring road, candace and hverfaell
candace and small, hairy Icelandic horses
ice texture, foot of hverfaell
hvaerfell cinder ash and internal crater cone (in shadow)
krafla rift zone and power station
candace by SBA minibus
mud crater in sulphuric fields
crater rim texture
candace on path
bubbling black mud
view over lake myvatn to hverfaell
mountain from the minibus
dimmuburgor lava stacks
lava stacks and hverfaell
grojtaga geothermal cave
grotagja rift
no cycling, just walking
minibus and hverfaell
distances from grotagja
foxy footprints maybe
hotel reynilhid from lakeside path
candace now entering reykjahlid
aurora again
canyon north of dettifoss
candace makes it up from dettifoss
snowmobile and superjeep
mountain in shadow and old road cairn
inflating the jeep's tyres
jeep, candace and driver in sunlight
mountain in sunlight
candace contemplates waterfalls and the end of snow
how godafoss got its name
fjord reflections
cafe paris, akureyri
the encyclopedia of modern bodybuilding
candace and harbour hut
bizarre roadsign alert
little rope-holding statue
looks grumpy, despite nice hat
boat sculpture, akureyri
myndlistaskolinn a akureyri
cranes with christmas decorations, akureyri
icelandic mr men
upside down atm keypad
london personal loans ice advert
hotel borg at night
for den gode smag
wall graffiti, reykjavik
icelandic shipping company building
where duty free really helps out
candace in the hotel borg lobby
hanging plane, keflavik
stick figure man on fire on cd
charming casio lady
candace in keflavik airport window