stem » people » in oxford 2002-05-19

43 photos

queens halls stilts    
magnus appletise   "I'm not pissed, you know"  
art dom doop watch aphids   "Mm, this shade of rouge really suits my skin"  
kake sheriff magnus    
youngs pub sign    
postbox no cycles    
bollard 23 outside magdalen    
magdalen tower    
magdalen porch inscription    
kake slightly fuzzy    
aef earle porter lodge   I'm not a bike courier. Honest.  
sheriff in doorway    
the other punt   Note cigarettes. You don't have to be on dry land to look cool...  
magnus looks heroic and aef    
the other punt is low   disaster narrowly averted by Dom's 1337 punt skillz  
me worried plus kake duck   "Oh God. I think it's seen us"  
kake challenges photography    
marcus takes over    
me kath marcus    
other punt flicks the v    
tree attacks punters    
feeding the duck nachos   Nature is not my strong point  
everyone watches fuzzily    
doop challenges photography    
sheriff earle doop glance    
kake back on dry land fuzzy    
marcus kath perfdave    
vix perfdave challenge etc    
aef perfdave    
doop earle aef   Doop appears to ready to unleash death  
university exam hall   Look out, this is the beginning of the tourist-y photos.  
archetypal medieval street   This street must look great during a thunderstorm.  
nice tower at merton    
narrow alley back to merton    
kake in tom quad corpus    
bridge of sighs    
sheldonian statues    
more sheldonian statues    
radcliffe camera    
university church spire    
brasenose college tower    
lincoln library tower    
art kake aef outside museum