stem » people » helen picnic + pub 2003-05-04

20 photos

matthew is smoking
josh is uncertain
celia is in front of fi
tomo is holding maya
ange between fi + matthew
celia is listening
lomo is waiting to be used
simon and celia are in lomo
fi is aware of the camera
tomo is taking photos
matthew is unimpressed
maya is the focal point
helen is talking to friend
black tulip is mirrored
camera is close to tulip
matthew is leaning crazily
oliver is thinking hard
dom is conversing
fi is hiding behind things
helen is looking confused

Helen, who lives with Fi, who knows Simon and Celia (phew), had a birthday picnic in Regent's Park. I turned up, took lots of photos, followed everyone down the pub, continued taking photos, got drunk, and left.