stem » people » london xcom 2002-06-09

22 photos

first talk stef others   Accidentally I left the flash on here, so no fuzziness.  
xcom main hall very fuzzy    
cybernetic sausage video   You had to be there, really.  
another xcom geek crowd    
less fuzzy main hall shot   Yes, in this one you can see they're people  
andym earle xcom crowd    
trelane polaroid waving    
my laptop and me fuzzy   I think andym nicked my camera.  
fuzzy cheeky danny shot   No, really, that is him, it is!  
harl with ghosting fuzzy   Maybe I should have used the flash.  
voiders and others in pub    
duncan celia andym harl    
andym harl veeg glint    
edd yoz mattw zool celia    
bots panel    
grexnix polaroid of panel   All a bit meta, really  
bots audience    
overhead bots panel    
alexr duncan laptop   alexr is the big pink fuzzy thing you can't see properly.  
andym mos tshirt trelane   That's 'mos' as in 'Ministry of Space'.  
post bots conversation   Possibly this is really the blogging talk.  
fuzzy back audience folk